The walk on a tightrope


On another photowalk I walked along a trail I never used before. Thanks to the amazing software „komoot“ on my iPhone. I tried the pedestrian navigation software full of doubts if it is any good. Often the GPS signal is bad or the software is not so good at routing, but „komoot“ was … exceptionell good! And even with speech navigation! As I mentioned I walked on a small trail I never used before although I am very often in this area of wood. So if you like to give it a try. The App. is free and you get your home area also free. Every further region costs a little of your hard earned iTunes cash. Oh! The website is totally free of charge to use. You can also print your route on dead wood and take it with you on your trip. Another good software to plan your trip in an area (but without speech navigation) is They also have apps for Apple iOS or Android.

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